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Dell Latitude E5410

Dell Latitude E6410

ThinkPad T410

Which is better to get, do you think? I hear that Dells tend to overheat faster, at least that's what I gather from what I read on the forum. But then I hear that Dells last longer and I myself have been using one for quite a number of years and am just now looking for a replacement. Out of the two Dells, the newer model is generally the best choice, right? But the one that's lower has a 64 bit Win 7 OS. I'm not sure the benefit of either.

I might be nit-picking, but it doesn't hurt to ask, yeah?

The use in mind is general-- Youtube, Skype, and lower-end drawing programs. ( e.g.: Open Canvas or a really young Corel Painter if possible. ) I'm also going to upgrade whichever computer to 8 GB RAM, though I'm not sure if that makes a difference to my inquiry.

Thanks for your time-- if not to answer-- for reading.
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    If you want to be able to access 8GB of RAM, then you need a 64-bit OS. A 32-bit OS will only allow you to use a max of around 3.2GB - 3.4GB of RAM regardless of the amount of actual RAM installed.
  2. Aah. And if the laptop doesn't come with it I'd have to buy it myself to install 64 bit and stuff.

    Well, thank you.~
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