[Random Freezes] (Even After buying everything new) Windows 7 64-bit

Hello Everyone,

I have a very weird problem with my PC. I have been trying to fix it myself for several weeks now and I have finally reached a point were I can't think of anything else and I hope someone else does. so here is what I have done so far :

Around 5 weeks ago I started having blue screens.

After many many tests I finally upgraded every single piece of my computer 1 by 1.

So here is my current problem : My computer randomly freezes doesn't matter if it is under heavy load or if i'm just browsing on Chrome or working in Word.

(Some of the things I've done so far)

I replaced my Motherboard and CPU and I had to RMA them because I think my previous Power Supply blew it up. I then RMA my CPU and Motherboard bought a new power supply and still got then same effect. I put in new RAM and then finally put in a new video card. which did not seem to help either. I also tried to replace my SSD with a HDD but this did not seem to help and the SSD was working perfectly fine on my laptop. I then put my SSD back into my PC.

I have updates my BIOS and all other drivers, Replaced my RAM with several different kind of sticks which did not seem to help.I got some result when I replaced my Power Supply, It got my Computer stable for around a week but then my problems started again. I have also replaced the socket in my house which my PC is connected to (just in case) which didn't seem to help either

So after replacing all of the pieces of hardware my PC still freezes and it does not have seem to be related to anything I am doing either. The freezes do not always result in blue screens and when they do it says "Machine_Check_Exception"

Specs :

Windows 7 (64 Bit)

MSI Nvidia GeForce 660 GTX Twin Frozr
Z77A-G43 Gaming (Motherboard)
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40 Ghz
Corsair Force Series 3 120 GB SSD
16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3,1600 mhz
RECOM Power supply 750 Watt
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  1. uninstall antivirus and instll latest drivers.
  2. I have the latest drivers can try and uninstall AVAST for another program have not tried it yet
  3. Did you reinstall Windows?

    It seems you replaced all your hardware but I see no mention of reinstalling your Operating System.

    Two other points:
    1) make sure the DVD drive or anything else that was NOT swapped out isn't installed. I honestly don't know what that error is and I Googled it but it may be an issue with something attached to your motherboard like the DVD drive, hard drive, mouse, keyboard.

    2) run MEMTEST even though you swapped in new memory.

    In general, you usually have to reinstall Windows anyway when swapping to a new motherboard. If it's the same chipset it may not be an issue.

    *Considering you have the same problem as you did before, to me that narrows it down to one of two possibilities:
    1) software issue (if you didn't reinstall Windows)
    2) Hardware issue (something you didn't change)
  4. Yeah I have reinstalled windows forgot to mention it (oops). I have run MEMTEST and could find nothing I had it running for about half a day and it could come up with nothing. It is also unlikely it is the RAM as I have tried to use RAM that works fine in another PC but still freezes up my PC.

    The only thing I did not switch out is my SSD. However! I put it back after experiencing similar issues with a new HDD I had left over. (It also works fine on my Laptop)

    Could one of these pieces of hardware be incompatible with each other? it seems unlikely in this day and age but I am kind of clueless of what to do next.

    Miss wrote it :/ not Error is the blue screen I get sometimes. However, Most of the times a blue screen does not pop up and my PC just stays in state of being frozen. when I press my power button 1 time my PC can still shutdown. so it seems that not my entire PC is frozen at that point
  5. You have this error code still despite swapping EVERY SINGLE PART, including peripherals like the mouse/keyboard AND you reinstalled Windows?

    That's very, very odd. Makes no sense to me.
  6. Indeed. I have just had the same crash after trying to remove AVAST... I am quite unsure what I can do now and hope anyone can think of anything I can try. I am thinking of swapping out parts one by one seeing as I have got spares right now from my previous RIG just to figure out if one of the new products has an unlikely malfunction... I am sure it isn't the RAM as I have ran another set of MEMTEST but to no avail. I don't think my videocard is the problem because It was the last thing I had replaced and the problem still occured. my Motherboard and CPU already went back to the vendor for RMA so I am thinking it is unlikely that this is the case... It might be a malfunction in my power supply?

    I have tried changing up my keyboard/mouse/headset as well... didnt seem to help..
  7. when you reinstall the os do you also load the drivers from the motherboards driver disk? if you did and its not to late or now or a big deal start over and dont load any thing from the driver disk and see if the windows defult drivers get things up and going and if it works fine like that without issues then its one of them and then you can install them one at a time and test as you go. if windows dont boot for a missing driver start with the boards base chipset drivers. just keep thing to the minimin. i was just with a guy with issues and he found that it was his asmedia driver doing him in. and i had the asus suite doing me in . so trial and error good luck.
  8. Well a unique thing happend today. My PC crashed and I kept hearing my music as normal and had to reboot it manually. Then I noticed it even killed my connection to the PC on the network. my Router wouldn't recognize it till I rebooted it. Explorer.exe also seemed to crash. I have now installed windows on a new fresh HDD and am using microsoft drivers. The router ordeal seemed very weird to me as no matter what I tried I couldnt get internet access again even though all other devices in my house did have internet until I restarted the router.

    Anyway, New Windows Installation fresh HDD gonna post the results later!

    (I would like to thank everyone that has been so kind to help me, it is very much appreciated!)
  9. Everything was working fine for a while after the reinstall but then it crashed again.
    I got the blue screen : DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

    I did not install any drivers from the disk this time and only used Windows drivers.


    I have found a way to see if my drivers are the cause :
    (I hope I am allowed to link other websites) Sorry if I am not!

    Which causes instant BSOD on the start up of my PC so I am pretty sure there is a driver on my PC that just doesn't function properly.
    I hope to be able to indentify which one soon!
    I have added a link to a picture of the memory dump. Not sure on my next step but at least I am closing in.
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