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Looking to build a 600-650$(BEFORE REBATES!) strictly gaming PC/internet browsing. I mainly play World of Warcraft, and I'm hoping to run 25m raids with ultra fps at 40-60 FPS average. I attempted to put together a build not sure if it's the best cost/performance build possible. I've heard that intel CPU'S run WoW better than AMD so any insight on that will be appreciated.
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  1. Actually, you would want an i3 for WoW. WoW still ignores all those fancy extra cores, therefore instructions per cycle are more interesting than core count. Give me a little time and I will show what I would build.

    However, if you also want other things than WoW then the AMD is probably going to be better. And you should overclock it.
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    There's a few issues with your build, namely the incorrectly priced memory and 760G motherboard.
    I'm not sure why you would want to consider prices before rebates, they will have a significant impact on pricing. If you don't want to use rebates at all, that is pretty sensible though.
    40-60fps while raiding is a little optimistic, not because it isn't achievable but because you are always going to get slowdown on some scenarios, to the point that an average figure is pretty misleading. Additionally, your fps is tied to what settings you run, your display resolution, and int he case of WoW, addons etc.

    This is a version of your build
    It's under budget, but it has a massive $65 of rebates, but it is a lot better value than your original build.

    I'll try and knock up a rebate-less version, but it'll be much worse.
    Rebate free(ish)
  3. I'm currently using a 1680 x 1050 resolution? Both of those builds look good, how can I expect them to run?
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