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ok so i am getting three monitors for christmas, and i was wondering if it would all work. My graphics card is an amd radeon hd7950 3gb card that can hold up to 4 monitors. I am planning on running on just hdmi so i got some mini display to hdmi active adapters. I got three monitors, 2 active mini display to hdmi and 3 hdmi cords. So will this all work together.
If i am right, (i probably aint) i plug the adapters in the minidisplay and then plug Hdmi to the adapter and 1 other hdmi to the graphics card itself.
So will this work
All comments will be much appreciated
thank you
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  1. Should work fine.

    However, I'd suggest just getting screens that have DisplayPorts. Far easier than the mess of active adapters.
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    HDMI is only needed if you require audio to the monitor, or as a second input.

    It's also ONE output per display.

    I also don't understand what you are doing with the adapters. If you have a DisplayPort input on the monitor and output on the graphics card then connect directly.

    So don't use adapters unless it's a necessity.

    I'm not certain what outputs you have, but most people do it THIS way:

    a) 2xDisplayPort
    b) 1xDVI

    I'm guessing you have the following connections:
    a) 1xDVI
    b) 1xHDMI
    c) 2xDisplayPort

    **Your MANUAL for the graphics card will specify what combination of support for monitors you have.
  3. Audio works fine over Displayport...

    I still recommend just getting DP-capable screens. You avoid the extra clutter and the pricier screens are offset by the lack of pricey adapters.
  4. It's not a big issue, but if you get DisplayPort monitors capable of being Daisy Chained you can run up to four 1920x1200/1080 monitors from one DisplayPort 1.2 connector.

    The DisplayPort cable would go from the HD7950 to the first monitor, then the monitors themselves are connected together. Neat.
  5. There aren't many monitors with a DisplayPort out, though.
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