Powercolor 7870 oc VS gigabyte R9 270 oc vs Asus r9 270 OC


A) Powercolor 7870 has a high clock, uses more power, lower memory mhz and bandwidth. I dont know the brand very well too.
Cost: 219+12 shipping so 231$ online only

B) gigabyte r9 270 has a lower clock, uses less power, more memory mhz and bandwidth plus the brand is good

Cost: 224 plus the store is nearby

C) Asus r9 270 OC has similar specs with the gigabyte, but its cooling 'should' be better. People still recommend gigabyte though from what i read on sites. It is $225 and store is nearby

Res: 1080p/1920X1080 monitor resolution
PSU: 520w Antec Neo Eco 500c 500w
Case: Coolermaster NSE-300-KKN2 N Series N300 USB3.0 Case without PSU OR Coolermaster FOR-500-KKN3 FORCE 500 USB3.0 Case without PSU
Mobo: Asrock B75M-DGS
CPU: i5 3470
ram: 1x8gb 1600mhz, not going to 2x4gb since it cost $20 more and not worth it, plus it is expensive here(ram hits 80~130 for 8gb)
HDD: 500gb seagate barracuda

1. Which of these cards is the best?
2. Which of these cards can the 520w psu handle
3. Can they fit into the case?
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  1. Best answer
    The Gigabyte and Asus are both great cards.

    Here's a SUMMARY of several game benchmarks:

    An overclocked HD7870 would pull ahead slightly but the only card listed in your link was also a lot more money. It was $269 with the same Asus cooler as the 270.

    I'm not comfortable with recommending the HD7870 from Powercolor without seeing more customer reviews. I tend to stick with Gigabyte, Asus, MSI and EVGA.

    I'd probably go with the Asus myself.
  2. Other:
    - the PSU has support for the required power connections so it's fine

    - the case is probably fine. You can find the graphics card LENGTH and compare that to the case(s) you listed yourself as they'll specify what card length they support.
  3. So...asus????

    Ok then i m not comfortable with powercolor anyway, didnt know they existed till now
  4. xgreatartist said:

    Ok then i m not comfortable with powercolor anyway, didnt know they existed till now

    I said "I'd probably go with the Asus myself" but you can interpret that any way you'd like.
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