Gaming Desktop under Rs. 50,000

Hi guys, I am from New Delhi and want to build my first gaming desktop.

The Rs. 50,000 budget DOES NOT include, monitor, keyboard etc, dvd writer, speaker etc.., Windows OS etc ....

I do NOT want to overclock anything, as i have little to no idea about it.

Only goal of pc is "GAMING"

I can increase the budget to 55000, But the build should be good enough to run all games available atleast for now.

Would prefer the "INTEL" build, but if budget is too low for that, i do not mind switching to "AMD"
Again Primary goal is "GAMING" and durability of components, intel or amd does not matter that much.

All people who read this, thank you so much for your time and effort.
Waiting for your suggestions now...
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    Hello, this PC should run all games on high/ultra and is within the budget
  2. I compared the 2 builds, according to google, gtx 760 much better than r9 270x ....
  3. Need any help or you already created one
  4. Processor:Intel core i5 4370k
    Motherboard:asrock z87 pro
    Graphics Card:Nvidia GTX 650 or 660 2gb ddr5
    Ram:G Skill Sniper 4gb x 2=8gb
    Hdd:Segate barracuda 1Tb
    SMPS=Corsior 550w

    These all are under Rs55000
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