gtx 650ti 1gb which brand should i buy ???

plz tell me****
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    The better brands to look at would be Asus, EVGA and MSI, followed by Gigabyte
  2. what about zotac and galaxy???
  3. They're not bad, go for whichever one is cheaper and has a decent cooling design

    Depending on where you live, you could go for a better card in that price range if you live in the US like the 650 Ti Boost or 7850
  4. i live in india at mumbai
  5. Then the 650 Ti would be a decent value for you for sure

    The Palit version is pretty good too

    Just make sure your PSU has over 20A on the +12v rail (look inside at the PSU sticker) and that it has a 6 pin PCI-E connector

    If you have enough amps but no connector, you'd need an adapter

    Seems that the Zotac card actually comes with an adapter, awesome

    There's also a 7790 in that price range which is about 10% or so quicker than the 650 Ti
  6. i m using a 1366×768 monitor and want to play ac4,bf4,splinter cell blacklist.....i am paring it with pentium g620 would i play on high-ultra settings with 30 fps?????
  7. At that resolution high settings above 30FPS shouldn't be a problem, just gotta mention that AC4 runs horribly on weaker CPUs so you might have to lower the settings for that
  8. 7790 is good but i like nvidia's physix and 3d vision....... does hd7790 has this type of???? tech
  9. PhysX isn't really utilized all that much and the 650 Ti is a bit too weak for PhysX in the first place

    AMD has HD3D off the top of my head
  10. by hd 7790 how many fps i get on high settings
  11. Hard to say, 2-5 FPS for most games I'd assume

    I meant FPS difference between the 650 Ti and a 7790 woops
  12. 2-5 its too low.......hw i can increase fps???
  13. It's just a guess, in some games optimized for AMD cards it may be higher by 10FPS

    Generally increasing FPS would involve overclocking, not something I'd do depending on your cooling/power supply
  14. would i need to upgrade my cpu to get more fps??
  15. If you can find another Sandy Bridge i3 or i5, then yeah you could, or an Ivy Bridge CPU after a BIOS update (do at your own risk)

    Either way, at your resolution you should be fine, just make sure your PSU is sufficient as I mentioned

    (Just make sure your PSU has over 20A on the +12v rail (look inside at the PSU sticker) and that it has a 6 pin PCI-E connector

    If you have enough amps but no connector, you'd need an adapter)
  16. if i buy 6300???
  17. if i buy amd fx6300???
  18. With a 6300 you'd need a new mobo (which would require a reinstall of Windows)

    Stick with getting a new GPU for now, and consider a CPU+mobo upgrade in the future
  19. yeah!! i know
  20. u r tell that i can't play on high setting bcz of very low i need to upgrade my cpu
  21. did i need ??
  22. That's because AC4 runs pretty bad, even on decent gaming systems

    Besides AC4, you should be fine at 1366x768 at medium-high settings
  23. so which gpu should i buy hd 7790 or gtx 650ti ????
  24. I'd probably still go with the 7790, just make sure your PSU is sufficient (just read the above posts)
  25. CORSAIR CX series CX430 430W --Is this psu is ok??
  26. Yep, that's definitely good enough for these cards
  27. u tell me that ac4 will run fine on med-high setting ......plz tell me in what fps???
  28. I didn't say AC4 will run fine, I don't have a G620+650 Ti setup so I can only guess about 30FPS or so on medium-high if you're lucky, it's not optimized
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