can I run ati hd 6670 1gb ddr3 on my asus p5g41c-m lx mother board? I have intel core2 duo e4400 2GHz processor, 2GB ddr2 RAM

can ati hd 6670 work with asus p5g41c- m lx?
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    yes, your motherboard and hd 6670 will work flawlessly..
  2. which will be better with my mother board, a 1GB ddr3 or a 1GB ddr5 ati hd6670?
  3. ddr 5 will double bandwith of ddr3..

    so, of course, 6670ddr5 will be faster than 6670ddr3 in all games..

    but i try to suggest you with a better option with hd 7750.
    this is a nice card, much faster than 6670 ddr5..around 1.5x faster than 66750ddr5
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