What is the most silent PC case on the market

Im looking at this one
Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Anthracite Case
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  1. Many cases will operate inaudibly.

    More importantly is your choice of fans, including the Power Supply and graphics card. Linus from Tech Tips demonstrated this:

    Jump to 5 minutes into the video to see what I mean though I recommend watching the entire video.

    So basically you want high quality case fans like Noctua attached to the motherboard using the fan software to control the speed by temperature, a good Power Supply with low-noise fan, and a quiet graphics card.

    Assuming everything has been done properly the graphics card will likely be the loudest part if it's a gaming card, even if it's the quietest you can buy.
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    I have built a number of quiet computers and typically the video card fan is the loudest thing.
    To minimise this, you want to keep the video card cool so its fan doesn't have to work as hard.
    You can slow the CPU cooler fan speed too with better case cooling.
    Generally, big fans moving slowly and avoid a direct path from you to the source of the noise.
    Choose a good quality power supply. Seasonic are probably the best.
    Choose a video card with a good heat sink. I find the Asus DirectCU cards to be very quiet. is a great resource.
    The Nanoxia Deep Silence 1:

    When I last researched this I chose the Silverstone FT02:

    I've been very happy with this case.
    It is big and heavy, which may or may not matter.
    If it's on the floor you do kind of have a direct line to the video card, but the big fans keep this under control and they are right down on the floor.
    I currently have an Asus GeForce GTX770 and it is very quiet.
    The top exhaust fan is disconnected and the big fans are on low.
    Noctua NH-U12P SE2 CPU cooler with a bitfenex cable to supply 7V to the fans.
    I think a cheaper cooler with a PWM fan would be fine though.
  3. well thats nice and all. but the case id say is the most silent and not too expensive.
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