Will a new graphics card quiet the PC fan?

So my PC is very old an Intel Dual Core 2.0 with 2.0 GHz and 4gb of RAM. It has a puny Geforce 210 graphics card which I will upgrade to the Radeon HD 7750 since I want to use it for a while longer till I get a new PC. The current PSU is an ancient 280w power supply though it says it won't exceed 108w for some reason. However sometimes the fan gets very very loud almost to an alarming point. Thus, would getting a new graphics card (the 7750) help calm it down? Or do I need a new PSU as well? I am thinking of getting a 300w PSU since this is not intended to be a high-end gaming rig only to run a few games on medium-ish.

Many thanks in advance!
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  1. Do you know the temperatures of your PC idle and load? Download RealTemp, monitor and report back.
  2. I don't know what that means as I am kind of a noob to PC lingo but I will check it out. Thanks for the response!
  3. Idle is when you aren't doing anything (aka looking at your desktop with no programs running.) Load is when you are playing games, word, excel etc (when you are doing something).
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    You need a new PSU definitely. My advice is the Antec VP450 which is a great power supply for about $40 from Newegg etc. Here's a review:

    It will handle any graphics card with a single 6-pin connector.

    As for the graphics card, when I looked at Newegg for HD7750's they were at least $90 (except a couple crappy ones). A good HD7770 is about $80 after MIR:

    I dislike Mail In Rebates but they're hard to avoid. You may find deals if you shop around, but for $120 plus MIR you can get the VP450 power supply and MSI HD7770 so that's probably hard to beat.
  5. I just bought the HD 7750 to replace the Geforce 210. However I live in the UK so I can't use dollars. Would an ordinary 300w PSU suffice?
  6. The reason I'm asking about the temps is because if the temps are high, your performance could be getting throttled. Thus proper cooling could help lower the sound of the fans. Yes you can buy a new graphics card with a new fan. But if you are experiencing cooling issues, you'll see the same thing happen with a new card. I also agree with photonboy, you'll need a new PSU that's 400w or greater.
  7. Sadly I am a noob so I couldn't figure out how to run the program. Thus I don't know if anything is being bottlenecked. I have a dual core processor so it's highly likely. I bought a 300 watt power supply though since I am getting the 7750 and people said it would run on my curren 280w PSU. Many thanks though.
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