What exactly is a 2.5 slot gpu, and will my motherboard (MSI Z87-G43) be ok with such a card?


Card I got is Gainward GTX 770 Phantom 4GB which requires "two and a half dual width" motherboard, my motherboard is MSI Z87-G43 which I am getting bundled from Overclockers UK, so will have a large cooler on the chip. I can't find anything to say there is a problem..?[1]

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    What that refers to is how much space it takes, relative to the number of slots it will cover on your motherboard. Assuming you don't have any peripherals plugged into the 3 PCIe slots occupied by the video card (including the one the GTX 770 will be installed in to), then it will fit just fine.

    Make sure your case can accommodate the length of the GTX 770 and that your power supply meets the needs of it as well.

    Good luck!
  2. Sorry i'm not here for an answer because i have no clue, just thought i'd say that card is sweet how the fans are easily takin out, makes that such a cinch to get in and clean it wow first time i've seen a card like this.
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