Just Cause 2 on 8600GT?

Will it work on this VGA with these specifications ;

DDR2 Version
Name NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
Revision A2
Codename G84
Technology 80 nm
Memory size 512 MB
Memory bus width 128 bits
Core clock 540.0 MHz
Shader clock 1188.0 MHz
Memory clock 400.0 MHz
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  1. That card should be ok to run at medium settings, depending on what CPU you are running. It ran pretty well on the 9800GTX i used to have, and that is only marginally faster than the 8600GT.
  2. Best answer
    No. And 9800GTX is heavily faster than 8600GT

    U need atleast a 8800GT to play at lowest settings and atleast a GTS 250 to enjoy the game
    And from this chart u can see where your system stands,3107-7.html
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