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if anyone be so kind as to give me advice on a good wireless router (prefer single band) with a good speed, range and especially very good QoS, so its capable of bandwidth limiting other user on my wireless (youtube, utorrent etc). peace :D
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    QoS may not be able to limit torrent since it is designed to get around most restrictions but you can try I guess.

    You will need a router that has the ability to hard limit the INBOUND rates of traffic. This is very uncommon. Some of the high end tp-link and asus routers can do this. If you want a cheap router use one that you can load dd-wrt on.

    The configuration is sorta backward because it really is a hack and only works on well behaved applications. youtube and netflick it works well on.

    Say you have 10m on download bandwidth and you want to ensure your game machine for example gets 5m. There is no way to just say "guarantee 5m to user xxx" You can on outbound but on inbound only the ISP can do that. You can not undelete packets they disarded.

    So what you do is make a rule that matches everything except your "good" traffic. You then limit it to say 5m. This in theory leave 5m unused for your "good" traffic. This method works well for things that respond to data loss by slowing down some things either transmit at fixed rate no matter what or in the case of torrent actually increase the data to try to make up for the loss.
  2. thx for the fast response bill001g :D
    that is what i needed. i have 12 mbps and i would like to share half of it to the rest, without touching my 6 mbps. guess i would need to buy a high end router for that ( most r dual band, oh well .. i can disable the 5 ghz one).

    some friends recommended these ASUS RT-N66U or ASUS RT-AC66U. can you suggest any other good brand beside linksys ? i'm using the EA3500 and the QoS is very limited and disappointing.
  3. The asus are very good but unfortunately expensive routers. TP-link has a couple but I forget the exact models that have this feature. Still the best bet if cost is a issue is a inexpensive router reloaded with dd-wrt firmware.

    I completely stopped even looking at linksys stuff when cisco went to "cloud" configurations...dumbest thing I ever heard of.
  4. gotcha, gona grab a buffalo one ( cheaper) .. think they have pre installed dd-wrt. thank you bill
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