Should the stock heatsink be replaced in the i5 4670K?

Is the stock heatsink/fan on the i5 4670K powerful enough to play games WITHOUT OC?
If I plan to OC, should I get liquid/air or replace it at all?
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    yes it is enough as long as you don't overclock.
    about water/air cooling for the future. The closed waterloops perform the same if not worse as decent air coolers. have a look at the dh-14 noctua it outperforms a lot of watercoolers.
  2. Is there an air cooler that is not giant like the 212 evo? My case is too small to accept this air cooler, but I'm not sure of any that are smaller (or that blow onto the CPU) and have similar performance
  3. What case do you have and do you know how much height you have available for the cooler? TH recently did an article on low-profile coolers, but you might have room for a medium-profile cooler.
  4. well a closed loop watercooler might suit you best because coolers like the dh-14 don't fit. Maybe a h80 or h100i?
  5. Closed loop cooler is your best bet if a CM 212 is too tall. What is your case?
  6. I got a CM Centurion 5. Its kinda old and with a side intake duct over the CPU, which i can probably knock off with a hammer, if need be.
  7. Coolermaster Seidon 120xl would work. The radiator and fan would mount on the rear 120mm fan mounting spot of your case.
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