how to use fast boot driver?

i bought msi z87-g43 gaming, and i found driver fast boot at msi website, can i install it?..any step or method to use it? like bios setting or etc..i do not know about this, somone help me..thanks in advance :)
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  1. If MSI's fast boot is anything like ASRock Instant Boot, all it does is put it in sleep mode secretively then when you press the power button it comes up within 5-10seconds and its already loaded your desktop because technically its up and running still, and since your motherboard is gaming series i believe you can use it.
  2. do i need setting at the bios too?..i saw some configuratiion for msi fast boot at in disable mood..but can switch to enable..but i didnt know to use it..
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    Yeah im sure if there's an option in your bios that says fast boot, it has to be checked to enable the program to be able to use the fast boot option. With ASRock program there wasn't an option in the bios for it just in the program.

    But Yes enable it in the bios then turn it on in the program. Once enabled(if anything like the asrock program) all that should be required is to normally "shut down" the PC. But im not 100% sure because i have not used that program before.
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