PC shuts down after a few seconds

I need some help I just built a PC for a friend and it seems like it's over heating or something. It starts and runs for a bit and shuts itself off and once it does that it shuts off after a few seconds.

Sabertooth 990fx r2.0 motherboard
Amd 9370 vishera 4.4ghz
Radeon hd 7850
16gb ram

The heat sink is the only thing that isn't brand new. I pulled it from his amd fx-8150 Zambezi 3.6ghz should I get a new heat sink?
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  1. What are your CPU temps?
  2. boot up your computer and go directly into the bios and watch the temps there. if they keep going up then you know why. also make sure the fan is spinning and such.
  3. The most recent I've been able to see is around 75-80c in the bios it raises about 1 degree a second.
  4. That is WAY too high. That CPU has heat issues as it is not very well designed. You really need an aftermarket cooler for it even at stock clocks.

    Get a coolermaster hyper 212 EVO and install it CORRECTLY.
  5. stop using your computer till you get a CPU cooler properly installed. the above cooler is a good cheap resolution.

    best of luck
  6. Yeah spinning fan and all that. I've reseated everything including cleaning the heatsink and cpu with isopropyle alchohol and reapplying thermal paste. I've checked for electrical shorts and its a 1150 watt psu.
  7. a new CPU cooler is needed and the above recommendation may not even be enough. the old CPU is a 125 watt and the new one is a 220 watt CPU. This is a massive gap in cooling needs.
  8. Best answer,24495.html

    this is the factory cooling solution I believe.

    you may want to pony up for something like this or the ones it is compared to in this article
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