Hello, I'm having trouble with my desktop to laptop bridge connection.

Hi, I'm using a bridged connection for my computer to have wireless connection from upstairs in my house. I have used this for over a year and it has worked just fine with the laptop I'm bridged to. Lately though, my desktop loses connection and says the network cable is unplugged even though the lights on the Ethernet port are lit. The laptop still reads that there is a cable plugged in and has internet connections. I've tried; swapping out the cable, restarting both the computers, disabling and re-enabling the connection. I can get temporary internet but it will eventually drop connection in between 10-30 minutes.
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  1. So you have the laptop on wifi, and have it connected to another computer with an ethernet cable? Why not just get a wifi card for the desktop? You'll save enough on electricity alone in a few months to pay for the card.
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