Motherboard Beeping problems

My PC, or more specifically my motherboard, have started to make a beep noise. I know it meant to represent a problem with the PC components, but I'm not entirely sure what the problem is.

The beeping tends to be one short beep and then stops before going again in three seconds. This loops, by the way. This occurs as soon as the PC is booted up and before any feed output is made. Soon, the BIOS from Award appears and it is all I can interact with. I think the problem arose when I've messed around with Skyrim's "VideoMemorySizeMb parameter" to "VRAM + RAM - 4000"

The CPU is not the problem because if it did fail, the PC won't work. It can't be the Video Card because I have a video feed from the video card. From the research I've made and from 'logical' deduction, the RAM is to blame. However, I am not too sure because it is registered as being available in the BIOS.

So far, I've moved and cleaned the RAM Card/Stick and the slot it takes up for better connection. I've even moved it to other slots for it to work and nothing. The beeping still occurs and I am still stuck with just interacting with the BIOS. I am thinking of getting a new RAM plus an upgrade from 8GB to 16GB or even more.

My PC Specification:

Graphics Card: AMD 7770
CPU: AMD FX 6300 3.5
RAM: 8GB, unknown make
PSU: 750, unknown make
Motherboard: Gigabyte-78LMT-USB3
BIOS: Award, apparently

TL;DR? Here's a run down. I got a beep in my PC every three seconds. What is causing this and how do I fix this?

-I've ran Skyrim in these modified setting for a week with no problems until now. As far as I know, the modified settings for Skyrim is 4000 and not 40,000. However, I would also like to know if this is safe to do so. The 'ENB' I have used says to make the value 2048, or similar, and nothing more.

"...-Open enblocal.ini and set the VideoMemorySizeMb parameter (e.g. VRAM + RAM - 2048)..."
Seasons of Skyrim:

-The current motherboard I am using is a "Gigabyte-78LMT-USB3". The BIOS it is running is Award, according to the AWARD copyright across the top of the BIOS screen.
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  1. so the computer will go into bios? try getting back into bios and load default values. see if that fixes anything. think you might have changed your videomemorysize to something like 40000 instead and its trying to make all of your ram into vram?
  2. you need to state exactly what motherboard you have and bios revision. with this info you can look up your troubleshooting codes and know what is wrong. I would reset you cmos before doing anything else. this is done on your motherboard. I do not know where as I do not know what motherboard you are using
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