Intel 4000 vs. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4300 Series

After six years, I've bought a new desktop -- not what I want in a Dell 660 with a third gen i5 processer, but an upgrade from my 530.
But in my 530, I also have an ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4300/4500 Series graphics card that is about three years old. And in the 660 is an Intel Graphics 4000.
There;s 8 GB of memory in the computer and am expanding to 16. It was more third party memory or more power in the video card. Memory won out.
My question is, would it be to my advantage to swap the video cards and put the 4300/4500 in the new machine or is the 4000 fine? I don't do a lot of gaming, but do watch videos, assemble movies with WMM and run a lot of programs at once.
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    The Intel HD 4000 is actually a bit more powerful. It would be roughly as powerful as a Radeon HD 5550.
  2. I had the feeling that a newer 4000 would be more powerful than a three-year old 4300/4500, just for the reasoning that technology improves (you hope). Thanks
  3. The Radeon HD 43xx / 45xx were actually released back in Sept 2008.
  4. but not released into the wild of my desktop till early 2011 when I bought from Woot... ;)
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