Is Gigabyte "GA-Z77M-D3H" a good motherboard?

Is Gigabyte "GA-Z77M-D3H" a good motherboard?
My specs-
Cpu- i3-2120
Card- hd 7750
Ram- 4gb [Soon it will be 8]
My current mobo- Intel dh61ho.
Is it worth to upgrade? Will i be getting some performance boost?
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  1. The motherboard will bring you no performance boost, unless your memory is clocked higher than 1333Mhz.
    Even then the different would be less than 1%.
  2. So u r telling me not to upgrade?
    So intel board is better or the gigabyte board?
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    The gigabyte board is probably better, but you won't notice a difference in performance.

    You would need to either upgrade your CPU or Graphics card to see performance benefits.
  4. Ya i know that and for updating anything i must have a good mobo.
    So give me your final words- Should i go with it?
  5. no. get a better GPU. something along the gtx660 range will give you tons of boost compared to a new mobo.
  6. I would probably check the pricing of Asus P8Z77-M and/or P8Z77-M Pro.
    That gigabyte board is pretty entry level and doesn't do well overclocking for example, where as the asus boards would.
  7. but seriously, dont buy a new motherboard if you dont plan on upgrading the entire system...

    your CPU wont overclock at all, your GPU isnt really very good and the motherboard is quite solid ATM.

    a new GPU will boost performace the most, since the i3 is still quite powerful for gaming, then when you get more moneys, get a new haswell i5 and a 8x chipset motherboard
  8. So guys u all suggest me to not to change my mobo.. But at-least i can upgrade my ram to 8 G.B. And thanks for the help guys...
  9. Im telling you, get a new gpu. That will give you the boost you need, ram not as much.
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