Do I need Intel Rapid Storage Technology?

I have only one drive in my system, a Samsung SSD, do I need Intel Rapid Storage Technology?

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  1. If you are not using a raid you can disable it from starting up. You still need it installed but if your not using a raid you don't need it to start up since it just tells you about raid settings and warnings.
  2. Thanks, out of interest what does it do? First time I've had an SSD so not sure whats different about what drivers effect what.
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    If you have an actual RAID setup the Management software that boot up just tells you if the RAID is Ok, If there are warnings, Or failures. BUT if you don't have any RAID then there is no point of having the software startup with the PC. This has nothing to do with the SSD. If you have Two SSD's in a RAID 0 or 1 i would say leave it but you don't. So just click on Start, type in MSCONFIG in the search box, then go to the Startup Tab and then uncheck the Intel Stuff. and then ok and restart.
  4. Can I disable Intel Rapid Storage from Windows 7 services? I already disabled the IAStorIcon.exe from launching at Windows startup, but there is a running service IAStorDataMgrSvc.exe in memory. I understand that for single HDD, it is used for AHCI but Windows 7 already provided that for SATA devices right?
  5. Yes you can disable the service if you want.
  6. Even without a RAID array, and with Intel Rapid Storage turned OFF on the ASUS Z97 motherboard, whenever I logged in as a standard user, I'd get an Intel Rapid Storage popup message telling me I had a storage error, and to open the Intel app for details. But a standard user can't open the app. So I logged on as Administrator and opened the app -- which told me everything was OK. I disabled the service, and THAT problem was solved. It looks nearly impossible to get help from Intel.
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