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I just bought the GA-Z87X-73H motherboard. It was supposed to come with RAM but apparently that is being delayed. I am looking over my older RAM (ocz3g1333lv12gk) and I am not entirely sure if it is compatible or not. On the website for the motherboard it says that it is comptable with ocz3g1333lv8gk. I assume the only difference between the models is that one used to be a triple channel and the other is a dual channel. I should be fine putting in my RAM, correct? I know I can't put in all 3 since it will all be single channel.

Also can I dual channel two brands of RAM in their appropriate slots? Is this not recommended?
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  1. It will be fine, probably be faster to just use 8GB in dual channel than 12 gb in some weird hybrid dual/single channel config. but you can try it both ways and see if one works better for you. It should be plenty compatible. Mixing ram in a dual channel (IE just buying a single stick to finish out a second dual channel in your kit) is not advised but it could work if you found another 4gb stick that had the same general specs/manufacturer as the 3 you already have. May require some voltage tweaks but likely would work.
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    You can't hurt anything.
    Stick it in - the worst thing that can happen is that it won't POST, and you get to wait for your new memory.

    Don't worry about triple, dual or single channels. All that means is that there are some efficiencies that can be achieved in dual or triple channel mode. But I don't think you care about the degraded performance using the older modules. And you clearly want to replace them ASAP.
  3. Alright, thanks guys. I didn't know before I bought my new RAM that my old ram was compatible. Is it possible to do dual channel with one brand in two slots and dual channel with another brand in the other two slots? Is that recommended?
  4. Never a good idea to mix old and new RAM, particularly of differing specs.
    If it works at all, it will only work at the lower speed, and then the MB would likely map it for single channel operation.
  5. Alright, thanks for the info. I was hoping to recycle some of my older parts.
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