New Gaming PC, Feedback Please

Hi guys, I've ordered the following components* for a new PC (first time building) and I was hoping for some feedback. Would have been smarter to post this first before buying but didn't want to risk items being sold out.

Anyways, here is the list of components. Any feedback is appreciated and I thank you in advance.

*Prices don't include additional deals/rebate. Post rebate the total is approximately $792.

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    Ummm.. OP You've done goof'd. Your CPU and motherboard will not fit each other. You got 1150 socket haswell CPU, while your motherboard is a 1155 socket 3rd generation. Also, you could have used extra $30~ to get a better CPU like i5-4670.
  2. Hello HeyyScott, thank you for the heads up and suggestion. Yup, I've messed up haha. I should order a processor with LGA 1155 socket. Thank you!

    Okay, ordered i5-3570K from Micro Center. Thanks again for the heads up, much appreciated.

    Are the rest of the components okay?
  3. Yes, rest seems fine. Make sure to pick a solution if this helped you!
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