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For 5760x1080 gaming, 770s in SLI, 780ti, or hope for a 290x?

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December 10, 2013 3:20:37 PM

I recently sold my two HD 7950s. I'd like to replace them sooner rather than later, as integrated graphics are obviously not so great, but I'd be willing to wait if there's good reason to do so.

I'm considering:
-770s for SLI (either 2GB or 4GB if necessary for my triple monitors)
-aftermarket cooled 290x

Clearly the price of the aftermarket 290x's is in question, as will be the levels in stock, whenever they release. It does, however, seem like the best bet for the money.

A 780ti sounds great, but the 3GB of VRAM worries me for triple monitor gaming.

Dual 770 2GBs are similar in price to the 780ti, with dual 4GBs obviously being the most expensive option. After having my 7950s in crossfire I'm leaning towards a single card solution unless the SLI setup is a clear winner.

So while I doubt there is an obviously "correct" answer, I'd love feedback and advice!

The rest of my setup for reference:
- i5 4670k
- 16 GB ram
- ASRock Extreme4
- 128 GB SSD
- 3 TB HDD
- 1000W PSU

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Best solution

a c 165 Î Nvidia
a c 372 À AMD
December 10, 2013 3:24:25 PM

The 770 in SLI will beat a single GTX 780Ti!
a b Î Nvidia
December 10, 2013 3:37:44 PM

if you have budget go for the 780 3xSLI - they hit 43 fps in 3x Monitors mode - 5760x1080 on VHigh 4x AA
------------------------------------------ 1x780 ---- 2x 780----3x 780---- 2 vs 1 ---- 3 vs 1 ---- 3 vs 2
Crysis 3 - 5760x1080 - Medium-----51 fps----- 83 fps-----100 fps-----61,5%-----94,7%-----20,6%
Crysis 3 - 5760x1080 - VHigh 4x AA 17 fps-----28 fps-----43 fps-----71,5%-----158,8%-----50,9%

and GTX 770
Crysis 3 - 5760x1080 - Medium-----43 fps-----75 fps-----97 fps-----75,4%-----126,5%-----29,2%
Crysis 3 - 5760x1080 - VHigh 4x AA 12 fps-----20 fps-----27 fps-----73,5%-----127,4%-----31,0%
December 10, 2013 3:39:27 PM

Don't buy a 770 4gb they are a total waste of money. Just spend the extra 80 dollars and get a 780 instead.