Best GPU for $400 for gaming

What would be the best graphics card setup for $400 or less? Could go a few dollars over 400 if it's worth it but not like $430. I'll mostly be playing graphically intense games, BF4, Cyrsis, etc. Would the best be a single really good card or 2 mid range but the higher end of that model gpu?
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  1. For the price range a think that a GTX 770 is probably your best route to go
  2. 770 or 280x.
  3. gtx 770 2GB OC edition @ 370$ & 60 fps
  4. I've been looking at those cards, which would be better to run in double, 770 or 280x? (I would buy a second down the line when possible)
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    Well if you can find this in stock somewhere it is the best of the 280X's
  6. Dual i think the 280x would be better but i may be wrong
  7. nddz said:
    gtx 770 2GB OC edition @ 370$ & 60 fps

    [770 o/c does bf4 60 fps?

    Note: I should probably add my specs:
    CPU: FX 8350 (hoping to overclock to 5ghz) W/ H100i water cooler,
    Ram: 16gb of 2133 mhz g.skill Trident series
    motherboard: Asus Crosshair V FORMULA-Z 990FX
    PSU: 850 watt bronze certified
  8. Does anyone know when the 280x will be back in stock?
  9. Click the auto notify button and you will get an email as soon as it is back in stock
  10. It seems from these two links


    The 770 seems to be the better deal sli/ crossfire

    at least in bioshock that I compared them, how is the 770 4gb super clocked vs the regular 770?
  11. I wouldn't go with a 770 or 760 4GB as it can only utilize about 3GB due to the narrow memory bus
  12. patrick47018 said:
    I wouldn't go with a 770 or 760 4GB as it can only utilize about 3GB due to the narrow memory bus

    What do you mean?
  13. It's memory bus is only 256-bit, not wide enough to support 4GB, why do you think there are only a few models of the 4GB? They will support about 3GB of the RAM they have properly. Like an 280X has a 384-bit memory bus and more than can handle it's 3GB of VRAM
  14. R9 290, wait for aftermarket cooling or get a GPU cooling
  15. ^R9 290 is a great choice if you wait for aftermarket coolers
  16. R9 290 man, the after market cards are just around the corner. Especially since you wanna play BF4, you'll get BF4 free. If you can't wait then increase your budget a little and buy a gtx 780

    Toxic 280X is a great card, it should be back in stock soon, I was thinking about it, just use the auto-notify feature. I had to wait for 7 days and I got the notification that it was available but by then I had decided on gtx 780.
    mdi, asus, Saphire and EVGA have all announced them.

    Some of these are 290X but I am sure it would be there for R9 290 too.
  17. What resolution are you playing at?
    R9 290 w/after market cooling would be your best option, but might be above your budget slightly.
    280x are second, but hard to find.
    770 is a good third in my opinion, especially since the prices have gone up for the 280x due to demand.

    AMD will be launching Mantel, which looks rather promising for AMD cards. BF4 will benefit greatly.
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