corsair rm series good enough for gaming build?

hey everyone, this is my first build and i am picking out a power supply. i really like the new corsair rm series psu. i just want to know if it will be sufficient to run a mid gaming pc? i am planning on getting a 650W unit. i know it might be a little bit high, but i wanted to get a bigger power supply so that if i choose to upgrade in the future, i wont need to purchase a new psu. as of right now this is what my hardware is probably going to be

amd fx 6350
asus m5a97 r2
samsung ssd 840 pro
500gb HDD
dvd drive
my gpu i am unsure of just yet, wanted to get some recommendations on that also, it wont be a monster, probably mid range. so i am curious if this psu can power mid range graphics cards

everything is still up in the air, i havent purchased anything yet, but just wanted to get an idea of the corsair rm 650 and if it will be all good to purchase

thank you!
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  1. It's a great choice for your specs , and will easily run a mid range card added to this build.
  2. thanks blackbird, will it be able to handle future upgrades? do you recommend a higher wattage? or different series all together if i wanted to in the future go more high end?
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    No , it's a solid choice and 650w is good and will run higher end single cards , no problem
  4. make sure your power supply is from a good brand
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