Will this budget gaming PC work great for next gen games? (Australia)

I am a 13 year old who wants to build a gaming pc to play next gen games in very high settings over 30fps. I am really interested in it and I has been researching about PC's since the start of the year. I only have 1400 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS to build it. I picked the parts. Are these parts good?
BTW I live in Sydney, Australia
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  1. Yeah it should do well
  2. Will play at high to ultra at 40-60 fps
  3. The parts are all good, however I would suggest swapping out the 2TB hard drive for a 1TB one as the money saved there will be enough to get a 120Gb ssd. 60 gigs is probably enough for an OS but 120 would be better. Of course, If you need lots of storage, then keep the 2Tb hard drive. Also, maybe consider two 4Gb ram modules to make use of dual channel capabilities. But yet again, it may not make a huge difference, and if it saves you money then go for the one stick variant.
  4. two 4gb ram sticks is better by a small margin unless he plans to upgrade later with another 8gb stick then its smarter to stick with the one stick. also 2tb is a ton of storage but i personally keep all my non-critical stuff on a 1tb external and all my critical stuff on a 1tb internal and it works great and is much cheaper.
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    I agree, I personally don't use an ssd and my system boots with windows 8.1 in like 20 seconds with it being completely loaded and ready to use in like 40 seconds tops. Maybe try getting rid of the ssd and dropping the hardrive to a 1 TB as it will give you around an extra $100 to spend on your graphics card, or even another part you with to upgrade such as the psu or case. I would also suggest an extra 120mm case fan because most are quiet and will help keep the overall system quiet as it means other fans don't have to spin so fast. Finally, if your wanting to game at max settings, id suggest getting a card with more vram as games are already starting to use more than 2Gb. either the 4Gb 770 variant or mabye even a 280X would be good, however with the 280 you would definitely have to getting a higher wattage power supply.
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