December 2013 Windows Update Fails (XP Pro)

It started off with svchost.exe running at 100%. I tried stopping it with Task Manager but it re-started fairly quickly.

I've tried all the MS recommendations and run a few of their 'problem solver' programs but they don't help. IE8 just gets to the animated Blue Squares and keeps running.

Have tried clean-ups, virus checks etc. (Avira, Housecall and Malwarebytes) but all show a clean HDD. This same fault has been showing it's ugly head for some years now - any ideas?
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  1. Had this problem as well today after installing updates, Microsoft went and done goofed big time.

    However, the fix posted by DougCuk on this website: seems to have fixed it for me. Hope this helps. :)
  2. Thanks for this....

    I loaded the fix and did a reboot... after the reboot I got a yellow shield saying that my programs were ready for loading - so I clicked the shield and it vanished...??

    I then tried a Windows Update... it found all the things I (allegedly) needed but when I tried to install them I got a red FAILED on all six of them.

    Never had this trouble on my Dragon 32...!!! ...sigh... oh how I loved the 80's...
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