Budget gaming pc, built to play battlefield 4

Hell there, I am starting to build a budget gaming pc in the next month, and needed some approval, my budget is £300, and i already have an optical drive, hard disk, and ram, so i need to get the rest on a £300 budget, I've narrowed it down to the following

CPU - AMD FX 6300 (6 core) @3.5Ghz
MOBO - Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3
RAM - 8GB kingston 1333Mhz
GPU - XFX Radeon 7770 1GB
PSU - XFX core pro series 450w
HDD - 2tb Sata II
Case - CIT Dominator
CPU cooler - EVO 212

I just need to know if this is a good build, and will run battlefield 4, at high graphics, and pretty well.

And is there any headroom for overclocking with this build
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  1. You will be very disappointed. 14 fps average :(

    I suggest you save some more money and build later when you can afford an R9 270X or a GTX 770 (and a 600W PSU).
  2. well you can play it nicely on a 1920x1080 resolution with low settings pretty much. playable yes. (you might be able to mix and match settings on low/mids) on lower resolution you can pretty much get high.
  3. Probably playable at low - medium. But not high for sure.
  4. Just get a better gpu and you will be fine.
  5. Also 600w psu.
  6. Thankyou for the responses, I have read good things about the 7770, and oe of the reasons i was considering buying one is because of the low power usage, my own system used a power hungry gtx 285 ocx edition, that required at least a 550w, and i was using that with a sandy brige celeron dual core, but the amd 6 core looked very appealing at the price, I forgot to mention that i wont be playing at high resolutions, i will be using 1600x900, and the 7770 looked like a good card that will give me dx11 support (the main thing i wanted) its just a shame the gtx 285 doesnt support dx11 ... as i say im on a 300 pound budget and if anyone can give me links to better parts to use, that will collectively come up to that budget, then i would be greatly thankful
  7. If you can still find a 7790 thats a really good card for the money.
  8. but could it fit in my budget, for the 7770 im paying 75 pounds for it, and if i had to get a more powerful psu to run it, that would further increase how much i need to spend
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    The 7790 isn't that much hungry for power, you should be fine on a 450w if thats what you have. The 7790 I see on pcpartpicker is around 90-118 pounds if you can find one. I think its worth the extra.
  10. Im buying the pc in three installments of 115 pounds, so i have just ordered my Case, PSU, and MOBO ... so if anybody on here can find me a great gpu for less than £115 pounds then that would be great, im thinking of also putting in 20 pounds more, and getting the fx 8520 8 core cpu, as im wanting this pc to be future proof for as long as possible, and surely 8 cores wont be the minimum for a good while yet, but yeah, if someone could suggest a gpu for around 100, 115 max, with psu requirements of 450w, my psu is an XFX 450w, and from what ive read, they are pretty solid units, but yeah if you could that would be great
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