Looking for a nice gaming keyboard, mouse, headset. advice?

Hey guys I am looking for a good set of peripherals for my new build.
It is for gaming mostly but also many other things, I have never touched a high quality gaming mouse or keyboard. So I am not even sure what I am looking for. I have multiple usb 3.0 and 2.0 ports. I need a keyboard and headset. and a mouse. I am looking for something to put on my Christmas list. I want these things to be useful for other things like typing and not just games. but games too, I play RPG's, MMO's, RTS's, and a few FPS's. Though I do wish to have some macro buttons, but I am not sure what else.
These are things I really need for my computer but I am not sure where to start or what I need.
I have a I7 4770k, with 8GB of RAM.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. how much is your budget bro?
  2. these are for christmas list so I dont have much of one. I am looking for a goal. This is a very nice PC I was thinking 150$ headset and a 60$mouse and like 100$ key board.
    Like i said this is for my wish list so I just want a few things to ask for. or to look at and save up for. I am buying these things one at a time as i have the money.
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    I have actually been looking for these peripherals my self and have found some awesome products that are in your budget! (Please note that I added your budget together and used that as a total budget for everything)
    For the headset I have been looking at the Genius GX-Gaming Cavimanus 7.1 Surround Sound Headset, and the G35's.
    The keyboard I am really attracted to the Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, it's fast, mechanical, has backlit keys that allow you to choose what keys are lit up and is highly recommended by many professional gamers!
    Now for the mouse! I was really just browsing around the internet looking for a headset when I spotted this, The Genius Professional Gaming Mouse (GX-Gaming Gila) It has adjustable weights, DPI up to 8200, has shortcut keys, and it lights up! :)

    Corsair Vengeance K70:
    Genius Professional Gaming Mouse:
    Genius GX-Gaming Cavimanus:

    Happy Gaming!
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