Does this FX-6350 build look good for gaming?

Hey guys, I am a first-time PC builder, and I wanted to build a gaming PC on a budget around $500-$600. Here is the Pcpartpicker list: I already have 1920x1080 monitor and nice Logitech mouse, and my uncle has an awesome gaming keyboard he is going to give me. I am going to get a copy of windows 7 from my dad's school, or I might install it with an upgrade disk I have. I wanted to play games like Far Cry 3, Watch Dogs, Minecraft, Portal, etc... Opinions/recommendations are wanted, thanks guys!
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    Thats good! I always recommend motherboards tht are not mini,I would go for a normal sized just because you have more memory and its sized for a case like yours.
  2. It's great. There isn't anything I'd change to be honest.
  3. Thanks Guys!!!!
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