Burning windows 8.1 onto a DvD then getting it work on a new PC


I recently downloaded windows 8.1 through a school program, I have the windowsetup.exe on my desktop, but I fear that if I click and download, then use my key, it may keep it locked onto this computer.
I would like to put windows 8.1 onto a DvD so I can put it into a new computer I've just recently bought and put together, but I'm not entirely sure how to do so. I downloaded imgburner and selected build (I believe) or write, and got it installed on the DvD, but it's only 500MB, but I know 8.1 is around 4-5gigs.
I have access to windows 7, and windows 8, but was just hoping I could install 8.1 onto my fresh PC. If anyone can give me some pointers or direct me in the right direction it would be a huge help, I'm a bit new to burning programs onto DvD's and I'm also new to booting up brand new PC's that don't have an OS yet.
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    if you have a new computer, odds are it supports usb installation (which is faster then isntall on dvd) look up on the microsoft website and it will give you a tool where you can switch have it as a usb boot.
  2. I want to dvd install for windows 8.
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