Upgrading a 560ti to a 660

Hey ya'll been browsing these forums a while now and everyone seems real helpful was just hoping to see if I could get some specific help with something..

Right now i'm running a geforce 560ti (can't recall make sorry) with an i7 930 2.8ghz

Basically.. is an upgrade to a 660 worth it? Will i notice a difference at all? And also, will my processor bottleneck it? Considering overclocking the processor but its not a top priority, need to research it a bit more first..

Anyway if anyone could shed any light on this for me it'd be appreciated.
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  1. what motherboard do you have? (might be a simple click of a button-if uefi- to get a stable OC right from the get go) But for your question, the 660 depending on what you play is a big jump in performance, and the cpu you have would not be a bottleneck for it.
  2. not really much of an upgrade. i wouldnt waste my money on that.
  3. Mayb a lil different. But if twss a 760
    .. I say quite a difference.
  4. Thanks for the replies, in response to the first my motherboard is a Gigabyte Tech EX58-UD5 and like I said overclocking is sort of uncharted waters for me, just trying to get as much info as I can on the subject. My price range is sort of levelled out at about £150 which is why the 660 has stuck out, is it really not that wise of an investment?
  5. save your 150, and buy a 760 when you have enough cash.
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