If i upgrade from a hd 7750 to a hd 7870 will i have to install new drivers

Hi, i just purchased a new graphics card (on it's way now)
i currently own a hd 7750 but i'm upgrading to a hd 7870.

I'm buying the graphics card 2nd hand so it's not coming with the driver disk, and when i go to amd's website to download the driver for it, it seems as though there is 1 driver for all the hd 7xxx series. I'm up to date with the latest amd catalyst control center drivers, will this mean i won't have to update my driver, and if i do, where can i find the hd 7870 driver specifically. Thanks
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    if you have the latest drivers, then no you dont need to. but i would uninstall the drivers, swap cards, and reinstall drivers.
  2. ok sorry for sounding stupid (i'm new to all this).. basically i should...
    1) uninstall current driver
    2) remove hd 7750
    3) install hd 7870
    4) install same driver that i previously uninstalled

    is this correct?
    oh and thanks so much for such a quick reply
  3. yes, thats what i would do,
  4. thank you very much..
  5. no problem, good luck.
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