Which is the best cooler for 4770k i7 cpu at lga1150 for under 55$

Please help me select me a cooler for working in extreme conditions on South Asian High Temperature.I want to make a gaming pc.Mainly for call of duty (s) coming ahead

if possible,let there be a piezopiezoelectric chip.And also be aware that I am a diy so can design my own too.Please Suggest.
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  1. the stock heatsink can prefors as good as a hyper evo 212 that costs something like 35 $ i whould sudgetst a nocuta
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    Cooler Master Seidon 120M is a good cooler for under $55. You can get them from microcenter
  3. Thanks people
  4. Getting heat pipe fan,when so many people gave me confidence to trust heatpipe.I also thought liquod cooling is useless unless heatsink is big
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