New home build, can't get past bios

gigabyte z87 hd3 mobo
16gb patriot viper ram
msi 2gb 660
i5 4670k haswell
zalman z3 case
650w sivlerstone from my old pc
hdd's from my old pc

It powers up, I get the Gigabyte start screen, I can go into bios. If i want to go further it just restarts. In the bios I can see all the parts nothing there screams problem. No warning beeps on start up looks like my case does not have speaker, huzzah.

Have tried.
Other memory
Using only the onboard gpu
Only 1 stick of memory
Doublechecked to ensure only the correct amount of posts are fitted.
Pushed those power cables right in, the 24 pin wasn't totally flush now is.
Only 1 hdd.

Could really use a fresh pair of eyes and brain on this , feeling frustated and frazzled ;)
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    saturdaylizard said:

    650w sivlerstone from my old pc

    That was the first thing that caught my eye.
    If you happen to have another PSU lying around, try that one.

    Also, just to make sure I understood correctly: While in BIOS, everything works but when you let it boot, it restarts?
    When exactly does it restart? Before or while it tries to load the OS?
    Can you boot from another bootable device? (bootable USB stick, boot CD/DVD etc.)
  2. Thank you for replying.Should have made clear in first post the psu was in use the same day on a different pc.
    Went back with a fresher head.I did need to clear the non generic drivers from the hdd so i checked the dvd drive, swapped it out and shazzam. Odd mind as I could see it in the bios.
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