Asus 9800GT causing monitor problems

ok you see I have a pc the specs below

Motherboard : Asus B75-MA
Ram: 2Gb
PSU :520watts
CPU :i5 3570

so I can start the pc without a graphic card but whenever i insert my Asus 9800GT the monitor does not detect my pc so the monitor goes to power saving mode , but if I take out the graphic card the pc starts fine again . Please help me I really want to use my Asus 9800GT.
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  1. 9800GT requires external power supply.
    check whether you've connected your PCIe power connector to your GPU or not ?
    Is your card is working on other PCs, or your card is dead ?
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    Also wehn you insert the graphic card you have to connect the monitor to the graphic card not the mothereboard.
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