Asus 9800GT causing monitor problems

ok you see I have a pc the specs below

Motherboard : Asus B75-MA
Ram: 2Gb
PSU :520watts
CPU :i5 3570

so I can start the pc without a graphic card but whenever i insert my Asus 9800GT the monitor does not detect my pc so the monitor goes to power saving mode , but if I take out the graphic card the pc starts fine again . Please help me I really want to use my Asus 9800GT
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  1. sounds like your card is borked mate. no beeps off the motherboard? (do you have a motherboard speaker attached?)
    the psu is plenty for the system so thats unlikely the cause. you did make sure the power was connected properly? and the gfx cable was attached to the gfx not the onboard motherboard connection... if so then it sounds like the gpu is dead.
    if your still not convinced. try an eraser on the gpu's pci-e connector, just rub it along it to remove any dirt or grease. plug it in and try again.
  2. What's your PSU?

    If it's Logisys, then it's not really 520W. Anyhow, the 9800GT is a very old card. Considering that Radeon 7850's were just $88, there's no reason to keep using the 9800GT. Do you have any other card that you can use to make sure it's not your motherboard's PCI-e slot before you spend money on a new card?

    Also, you can bake the 9800GT before throwing it in a junk pile (not excellent advice, but not a bad last-ditch attempt).
  3. My GPU's fans are still running so its probably still alive but whenever I plug it in the pc I can see everything in my pc running perfectly fine but its just that the monitor can't detect the pc , I tried changing the source on the monitor it dosen't work.
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    have you been into bios and set peg mode for the gpu? (this should disable the onchip gfx and set the correct output for the gpu.
  5. The fan running doesn't tell you much, but it's getting at least partial power. Let us know how the other diagnostics go.
  6. Thanks So Much Hexxit Your Soultion helped
  7. BTW I can only play my game with dx9 so i cannot change my gpu
  8. you can change the gpu even if your running win xp as there backwards compatable. yes it would be limited to dx9 while using xp but it would still work. you would then have the option to jump to win 7 and take advantage of dx11.
    your gpu is actually a dx10 card although it doesnt really have the grunt to run dx10 filters it could if it needed to.
  9. ^+1

    Newer cards can do DX9 and even that one can do DX10. But since you're happy, you don't need to spend any money.

    Good call on the bios option HEXiT.
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