Need new cheap ATX gaming case to fit Hyper 212 Evo (Australia)

I'm building a new system after this Christmas/New year, I had everything ready except the case. Dont care it its a Mid or Full tower, atleast its a gaming case that will fit Hyper 212 Evo, include rear and front fans and its have to be under $100 AUD

Right now I'm interested in theses cases:
Antec GX 700
Aerocool Strike-X Advance
Aerocool Telum
Thermaltake Chaser A21
Thermaltake Chaser A31
CoolerMaster CM Storm Scout 2

But I dont know they gonna fit or not

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Rosewill Challenger, Enermax Ostrog GT, Antec GX700.
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