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I'm currently experiencing the dreaded BSOD after running a windows update and loading up SWToR. My display driver started to fail as soon as i started to play SWToR.

These are the things that I have down so far to try and fix the issue.

1. I have unseated the GTX and replaced it.
2. booted into safe mode, uninstalled drivers and ran driver sweeper.
3. rolled back to previous drivers (Nvidia)
4. renamed the nvlddmkm.sys file to nvlddmkm.sys.old and expanded the nvlddmkm.sy from the C:/Nvidia folder

When I boot into safe mode and install the drivers the GTX is visible in my device manager folder, so I would assume that the card is working and this is indeed a driver issue. When I log onto the nvidia site the site will detech my graphics card.

The only thing that i haven't done yet is carry out a full reinstallation of my OS, but after reading other peoples posts this does not seem to work either.

ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3 Mobo
G7 780 PSU (this is a week old)
INTEL i7 3.06
ASUS GTX 660 TI (this is 2 weeks old)
Razer Mouse
Cyborg G7 Keyboard
Windows 7 SP1
LG Flatron Monitor - HDMI Input

Eveything i try to boot the screen will show the windows logo but then the csreen will flicker, the monitor will switch from power saver mode to normal and then the BSOD will appear. I managed to take a camera picture for someone to look at.

src="http://i.imgur.com/lUJ28rN.jpg" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /></a>

Can anyone help me please. i'm desperate now.
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  1. If this started with a Windows update, go back to the last restore point before it was installed.
    Click the start button and type "Restore" in Search programs and files.
    Click "System Restore"
    Use the wizard to select a restore point.

    If this isn't the issue, then you may have an issue with the graphics card.
    Ensure the graphics card PCI-E power is connected.
    Set any overclocked components back to stock values.
  2. I reseted my BIOS to default values, still nothing.

    2x6 pin power leads from PSU are correctly seated in Graphics card and 2 green lights indicate there is power getting to it and both fans are running.

    I'll tried the system resort and the problem still persists.

    Nothing has been altered in regards to overclocking, everything is stock value.

    I also have a old GTX 560 SE Card and i tried that in the Mobo and still no joy.
  3. You state that your video card is only two weeks old.
    Does that mean you completely installed Windows from scratch two weeks ago?
    Have you tried ticking the "Clean Install" option when installing the latest Nvidia drivers?
  4. Yeah, I done a fresh clean installation of windows 7 as the video card was brand new. It was time for a fresh installation anyway and It just seemed a good time to do it.

    As for installing the nvidia drivers i selected the recommended option and not custom, but this was after i had cleaned all the drivers with a driver sweeper (Guru3D).

    I'm completely baffled as to what is going on and I thank you for your assistance thus far.
  5. Try downloading the latest drivers from the Nvidia website, doing a custom install and ticking that box. Maybe Nvidia knows something that the driver sweeper does not.
  6. i'll certainly try that.

    i found this interesting post and will try this as soon as I get home from work.

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