AC: Black flag GPU/CPU bottleneck/FPS issue

Hi forum, i need some help and advice.
I currently installed Assassins creed Black flag and i'm getting strange FPS with my card GTX 760 Geforce 4 GB here's what i get with settings on 1920 x 1080 resolution 60 hz full screen.

Everything on low settings I get max FPS 60 and lowest i saw was 49.

On Everything max but MSAA 4x steady fps from 30-35 (all x4 ones stay the same with fps) pmore than 4x and it drops to like 25 fps.

Now i might have some hardware issues that might be going on or i just need to upgrade something, but from what other 760 users get its usually 50fps or so on max, which i find odd. Here are my specs

GTX 760 4G Geforce
AMD phenom II x4 955 (OC to 3.7)
550w PSU
SSD 128 samsung 840 evo

Let me know if anyone wants to know more of the computer specs, also could my 550w PSU be bottlenecking my system since the 760 requires 500w and there's barely any left for the others? or just really need a new CPU? Thanks :)
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    An insufficient PSU will result in instability and crashes so it won't be that

    Your Phenom may be holding you back a little but it should be fine given that overclock

    I'm running a 3570k(stock)+760 on mostly very high settings (apart from environment which is at high) with only SSAO and no AA and I get dips to 40FPS during rain or the more tropical parts of the map, in cities it hovers above 55

    The game isn't a very well optimized game so naturally everyone will experience frame dips

    Apparently the game is capped at 60FPS

    Your best bet might be with updating to the latest drivers if you haven't already
  2. That's a bummer, i get those frames in the city too :\ can't imagine when it rains or jungle areas. I was hoping to run the game smoothly with the gtx 760 considering it's 4GB. Any other possibilities that might give me low FPS besides the CPU?
  3. It's the game itself, it's as bad performing as AC3 sadly

    Also, 4GB of VRAM only matters at resolutions above 1080p, which would definitely make sense if you decide to SLI with another 760 down the line

    AFAIK very high settings on the environment enables tessellation which kills FPS even more

    To be frank I still prefer AC2 and Brotherhood :lol:
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