W2008 + RRAS routing 2 Lan. second lan don't access internet


I have this escenario

router is DG of LAN1

Pc's on LAN1 192.168.9.x/24 DG

W2008 with two nic's:
nic1: dg:
nic2: no dg

I have add route in ISP router to acces lan2: gt

I install RRAS on the server but i have a problem:

If configure Routing LAN:
- PC's LAN1 ping PC's LAN 2 OK
- PC's LAN2 ping PC's LAN 1 OK
-but pc's LAN2 don't have internet

else, if configure NAT on RRAS:
- PC's on LAN2 ping PC'S LAN1 and has internet
- but PCS LAN1 don't ping PC's LAN2

Can you help me??
I need to see the two networks and the two have internet.

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  1. Draw a picture of what your trying to do. This is probably the easiest problem to fix in the world, but the explanation gives little image to how it is setup.

    Why haven't you configured a default gateway on NIC 2 by the way?
  2. You need a better router I suspect.

    It "should" work correctly configured without the nat on your server. What is likely happening is the router will only NAT addresses from the main lan subnet. Not sure what you do about this since many routers have this issue.

    When you use the NAT configuration on your server then you have the standard port forwarding issue.

    The only way I could see to fix it would be to use a 1-1 nat for all your devices on lan2 rather than natting everything to a single address. You would likely have to increase the size of your lan1 subnet.
  3. Hello,

    i attach the picture:


    The second Nic don't have default gateway because RRAS is the default gateway of the LAN2.

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