how to connect rj45 to rj11

i have a belkin n600 modem router and my isp gave me rj45 cable directly and its not fitting into rj11 cable spot. can someone
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  1. RJ-11 = telephone cable
    RJ-45 = ethernet cable

    There is no RJ-11 jacks on that router. It's a normal router with 5 ethernet ports.
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    There are two similar products; the N600 router and N600 modem router.
    The modem router version does support a phone connection to yellow RJ-45 jack.
    RJ-11 used to be the rule for phone lines, but often wall sockets are installed as RJ-45 these days.
    If your cable is RJ-45 to RJ-45, you should be able to pick up an RJ-45 to RJ-11 adapter from your local electronics store or anywhere that sells fixed phone accessories.
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