How do I install my win 7 os on a ssd drive. This is a retro fit so I don't have the win 7 operating disk. How do I put the os

Use of ssd with traditional hard drive and the technique of getting the os on the ssd
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  1. there is a wide variety of soft wares that lets you clone you hdd. (norton ghost,true image, clonezilla etc.)

    use any software you prefer to clone you system drive and than copy it to you ssd.

    just ensure that the clone image is not larger than the ssd size
  2. pick up an ISO image of Win7 and burn it to a DVD. It will produce the same installation disk as the one in the box. As long as you have a valid product key from your previous Win7 installation, you can activate it. If not, it will only be full use for 30 days.

    Then follow this guide for best results when installing to a SSD. There are a few peculiarities that made SSD/OS installation different than HDD/OS.
  3. Hello... if you have a KEY/Sticker, get the ISO file, and install using a Bootable USB2 stick.
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    Do you have a Windows 7 Key? Borrow media from a friend or download an .ISO from here -

    Installation procedure -
    Burn the .ISO
    Disconnect the hard drive (leaving the SSD connected), boot the DVD and install Windows.
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