Asus ROG RAIDR + 840 Pro vs. 2 x 840s Pro in RAID

Hey, everybody.

I have a Samsung 840 Pro 512 GB drive which is not enough for all of my games, OS and other soft. So I am planning to get either another 840 Pro SSD and double them up or... try new Asus ROG RAIDR and use it together with my current SSD.

I am a fan of ROG products so I do kinda want to buy it, but if there is a significantly better performance provided with 2 x 840s Pro then I would rather choose this option.

Which one would you suggest me to get?
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    Get another Samsung 840 Pro and use your 2 SSDs separately ( C: Drive & D: Drive ) instead of RAID.

    You won't notice any real-world performance difference with 2 SSDs in RAID-0:,3485.html
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