PSU for ASUS 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7770 2048Mb GDDR5


I've just bought this graphics card but stupidly forgot to check my PSU.


It appears my PSU isn't powerful enough for the card as the requirements are minumum 500w I think.

My question is would it be worth risking the brand new graphics card on the current PSU.

Here is a photo of the sticker of the side of the PSU I Have atm:

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  1. nope it is not worth it, get a 450-500w psu
  2. Unless I can get a very cheap PSU I can't really afford to spend any more. I'd rather return the GPU.

    So there is no way it would run on that PSU?
  3. 300w pre-built PSU. It will blow up or won't even turn on. What's your CPU? I will look for a cheap PSU for you.
    Although I don't really ever recommend the CX430, it's not terrible. If it was bad it would never be sold.

    I'd rather you go for this though.
  4. CPU:

    AMD Athlon II X4 635
  5. an Antec VP450 will do you GREAT for that, and should only run you $40 or so (maybe less)

    you could MAYBE get by with your existing PSU, but it would be marginal at best. the 7770 is an 85W card, which means it'll pull up to 7A from the +12V line
  6. Thanks for the replies.

    I should mention that i'm in the UK.

    There seems to be cheap 'generic' PSUs on ebay... for example
  7. there's "cheap" and there's "affordable" ;)

    my view is that a PSU is not an item you want to be replacing X times, what with all the wiring and cable management and the voltage frying your components if something isn't designed well. forgo a pint and get a quality one, 450W range should be sufficient.
  8. Yeah you're right. I'd pay up to £40.

    Are there any on this page you'd recommend?

    As this is the shop I'm buying from.
  9. that coolermaster for 32 quid would be fine. any coolermaster or corsair from there should be good, and I'd skip OCZ only because they're going bankrupt as far as I know.
  10. Thanks I'll get that PSU tomorrow. I could have got one while I was in shop but I wasn't thinking. Just hope they're simple enough to fit...
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