Can I SLI together GTX690 and GTX770 (same single GPU)

Hello all, my question:
Is it possible to SLI 2 NVIDIA video cards
GTX690 (2 CORE GPU) with GTX770
As far as I see it, 770 is basicly equal Half of the 690 , or one GPU out of 690.
For example GTX690 has 2x1536 cuda cores, while 770 has 1x1536 Cuda cores (but has higher GPU and Memory clock speeds) same Kelper GPU same everything exept clocks. So if I have GTX690 and for future I will need boost, will it help to put 770 together? Will SLI mode work?

Thanks in advance all.
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  1. No you can not. Nvidia does not support SLI for different cards, even if they are rebrands. My brother tried to sli 2 x 570 cards and they wouldn't even work because if the amount of memory on each card.
  2. ^ Nvidia just does not allow that even if on the chip level they are the same. With AMD you could Crossfire a 7950 with a 7970 but not with Nvidia. And really going beyond two cards in SLI does not gain a lot anyway. In general a two GPU SLI or Crossfire is really the best way to go even if the two GPU's are on a single card.
  3. I see, well thank you for clear explanation and super fast reply, so I guess my best option to upgrade in like 1 year would be just to buy another GTX690 to compete with next flagman after upcoming GTX790.
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