Moving from Console to PC -- Looking for Gaming build under $1,000

**This is for a buddy of mine whom is moving from console (xbox one) to PC. He's looking for a gaming build under $900 (the lower the better -- however, he would like to see a dramatic difference in this versus console)

**He is bringing over his HDD, OS, optical drive, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, so those are NOT needed to and the budget applies for the tower and other missing components.

**Would like to max out Skyrim (and max out or almost max out BF, TESO, and be relevant for and capable of beasting out demanding games)

Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP!!

Budget Range: Under $900 (the lower the better -- he would be content spending well under that IF and only IF he was still getting a beast of a machine)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming > everything else

Are you buying a monitor: No

Parts to Upgrade: CPU, GPU, PSU, MOBO, Memory, heatsink fan, Case

Do you need to buy OS: No

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg, amazon, whatever has the best deals!

Location: Rochester, NY

Parts Preferences: No preference really -- looking for quality, not overpriced, compatible products

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Not now, maybe down the road.

**Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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  1. Best answer you could remove the ssd and or change the 280x to a 270x if you feel the need
  2. Thanks for the reply, greatly appreciated!

    Would like to see if any others have suggestions as well! Post up, please!
  3. As of now, my buddy has selected this:

    Any insight??
  4. _Vass said: you could remove the ssd and or change the 280x to a 270x if you feel the need

    +1 to that really. You can fiddle with the details to try and extract a bit more value or to get the price down under $1000 but there's nothing wrong with it at all.

    ryan12 said:
    As of now, my buddy has selected this:

    Any insight??

    That is pretty weak. No storage drives, slow (but not cheap) RAM, PSU has a good OEM but thats about all it has going for it, and the CPU is pretty weak relative to the graphics.
    You are far better off with something like Vass's build, though you can squeeze an R9 290 into that if you like.
  5. ryan12 said:
    As of now, my buddy has selected this:

    Any insight??

    bottlenecks... ok maybe not but that cpu won't cut it for long thrust me

    You said he had peripherals and hdd... try this affordable AMD build. came in under 1,000 $ us and this cpu/gpu would be more appropriate for his needs. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Just wanted to thank everyone that has posted again, your insight has been greatly appreciated.

    I would like to throw out one more potential build and see your thoughts?? It is a little over the initial budget, but my friend has been contemplating upping his budget a little to allow more money to be allocated towards the cpu / gpu.

    Post up opinions, please!
  8. I would definitely get rid of the Antec 900. It was great case but it's time has passed, and it's not cheap enough to justify on a value for money basis, even at $65.
    Something like a Bitfenix Shinobi, Corsair 300R/400R, Fractal Design Core 3000. There's lot of options really.

    I'd also change the PSU. The CX750 is a bit of an odd choice in any build, as its an entry level spec PSU at a wattage level used in only expensive builds. The XFX Core 650 or XXX 650 (if you want modular cables) are a much better pick, as is the Antec HCG 620M.
  9. ...r9 290, cmon don't get it. it's a reference design and the cooler fails in most aspects. get a 280x or wait for the 3rd party cooler
  10. It's just loud. If you can live with the noise, it's incredibly good value for money.
    Though I agree that waiting for the custom coolers to arrive is a good idea, as it'll probably change the market a bit, you might be able to pick up reference cards super cheap, or get an overclocked card which destroys the 290X.
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