Upgrading MOB & adding SSD to PC that has 3 OS INSTALLED ON 2 HDD's, what is the best way?

Have 2 HDD, 1st has Win 7 Pro(64bit), 2nd has Win XP32 & XP64 on different partition. Planning to upgrade MOB & add SSD for speed. If I install win 7 on SSD & then reattach 2HD's, do I get choice for booting from SSD& HDD at start?
What would be the best way to do this?
Is it better just to have OS on SSD & programs, data on HDD's?
OR just OS on SSD?
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    well you will need to do a fresh install for each OS you plan to use on that new MB. I install the OS when only one drive is connected. I use my BIOS to select the OS to boot. I default the most used OS to boot by default.

    If I fresh install win 7 on SSD & then connect the HDDs with already running win7& XP, would it recognize the OS already installed & BIOS will give choice of OS?
    Thanks for taking time to help, I appreciate it.
    Also, SSD with only OS installed or OS & program would be more rewarding(for better performance?
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