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Mini pci-e wifi/gps tracking cards?

Last response: in Wireless Networking
December 11, 2013 2:14:08 PM

I'm trying to find a mini pci-e wifi or gps tracking card. My concern arose last week when my son had a home invasion while he and his friends were home. They ended up getting away with two laptops, two PS3's, a Wi-U and a couple of cell phones. I know there is plenty of software tracking tools to locate a computer, but I want something that can't be simply overwritten by a reinstall of the OS. I was also told, but am not certain, that the base mac address is permanently fixed in a computer. That doesn't sound right to me, though. I would appreciate any and all suggestions!

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December 11, 2013 6:56:56 PM

Most computers you can change the mac address to anything you want by changing the driver settings. Wireless is a little tougher to change the mac but it to can be changed to anything you want.

There are default ones but they are not necessarily unique. The only requirement is the mac be unique within the subnet it is on. You can even use the same mac address on different vlans within the same same switch. They still have huge pools of mac addresses but with millions and millions of devices they run out and duplicate.

Because software was spying they removed the ability to get the CPU serial number so even that is not a option.

Really the only thing that will protect a PC are some of the bios options that lock the machine before any OS is even loaded and there is no way to recover a mother board you forget the password to.